The Best Corner Plant Stands in 2022: Keep Your Plants Off The Floor!

plants in a corner

Do you need to brighten up that empty corner? Do your plants look like you’re about to give them marching orders, or do they look more like aliens about to take over your space?

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If you answered yes to any of those questions, it sounds like it’s time to get your plants their own space to live and grow! Not only will it be more aesthetically pleasing, but corner plant stands may also mean you can have more plants in a small space.

This review will help you figure out which corner stand for plants is best for your space!

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Form & Function

black metal plant stand with pots

Metal Foldable 6 Tier Plant Stand

This corner plant stand is our first choice because it has a modern look and feel to it. It provides six display shelves with three pots that can fold up into a single tower for more compact spaces or when not in use. This means it can fit the space you need it to.

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It is made of iron and is waterproof so it can be used inside or outside. You can choose from black, gold, or green to suit your design tastes. No assembly required on this one, it’s ready right out of the box. Sturdy and durable, it’s a statement piece to show off your green thumb. This way you can have multiple plants in one spot!

Rustic Reliability

5 tier corner shelf

Tribesign 5 Tier Shelf

This is one of our favorite picks for several reasons. It fits well in a corner, has adjustable feet to keep it level, x-braces to keep it stable and rounded shelves to keep you from getting scratched if you accidentally bump into it. This is the perfect corner stand for plants especially for the living room.

The x-braces not only add to the stability of this shelf, but it also gives your beautiful little climbing plants something to climb on. Its rustic look and multiple functions will blend well with any room aesthetics. This shelf can hold multiple plants or one plant with other decorations on it!

Changeable Spaces

wooden plant stands

Carbonized Wood Plant Stands

These plant stands are special because you can make them to your height and shelf wishes. This is a combination of four different stands of different heights, which makes showing off your plants easy and stunning. The rich dark tones of the carbonized wood is as stylish as it is functional.

This is a great choice for those plants and plant lovers that feel the need to change their space from time to time. The carbonization of the pine wood makes it more durable for a more water resistant finish without varnish that spots and peels.

These garden shelves can all be placed in the same corner of your living room, or spread these stands out around the house.

Double Duty

threshold wood and metal wall shelf

Wood and Metal Wire Shelf “Threshold”

If you’re short on floor space, this beautiful corner wall rack is the choice for you. This corner wall shelf is one that you can screw into the wall, so you can keep your plants up and off the floor.

Made with wooden planks and metal, this unique and creative design is an eye catcher for any room or office. This is so easy to have plants easily in view without using up any floor space. This multi tier shelf is great for small plants ando ther decorative items.

Keep It Simple

bamboo plant stand

Wisuce Bamboo Plant Stand

Simplicity is at it’s best in this three tiered corner plant stand that will look great in a minimalist or modern design. Made with environmentally friendly bamboo and easy to clean, anti rust carbon steel plant trays make keeping it clean and neat a breeze.

The beauty and durability of this corner plant stand will display you plants proudly for years to come.

Heavy Duty

3 tier metal plant stand quarter circle

Doeworks 3 Tier Quarter Round Plant Stand

For those who just can’t resist another beautiful plant, this is the one for you. The quarter round design makes this a good corner plant stand for the urban jungle or orchid collector. This indoor outdoor corner shelf for plants is great for having many plants in an easy to see corner.

Made of high quality powder coated tubular steel, it will not rust, and can withstand weather and water from your weekly waterings. This large size of this plant at 32 x 23 x 23 inches, coupled a 44 pound per tier weight compacity makes it a perfect platform to show off your beautiful house plants.

Elegance and Convenience

3 tier metal plant stand

Doeworks 3 Tier Folding Plant Stand

Another Doeworks creation rounds out the list for it’s space saving and beautiful design. Tubular powder coated steel gives it such durability and longevity that it’s hard to beat.

The elegant, foldable design makes it a beautiful addition to any porch corner to display all the seasonal color you crave. The adjustable foot covers offer protection for those delicate floor surfaces inside, while providing stability for those uneven porch and patio surfaces outside.

It is the perfect accent to display the greenery that makes a house a home. Portable and storable is the hallmark of this design and puts it firmly on our list for one of the best corner plant stands of 2021.

Whether it’s displaying your prize winning petunias or blue ribbon orchids, any of these corner plant stands are sure to add a touch of elegance to your home and plants.

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