About Me

Hi, I’m Ashley, the person behind Breathing Garden!

I believe that plants are an important part of our lives. My goal is to help you create your perfect breathing garden, one that will provide beauty and peace in any space, whether it be indoor or outdoor.

ashley surrounded by plants

I grew up surrounded by both plants and plant lovers. Roses, house plants, garden centers, and farming are all part of my family history. It’s practically in my blood to love being around plants and tending for them. Some of my favorite memories growing up are sitting outside next to the lavender plant just watching the bees land on the flowers.

Through Breathing Garden, I want to provide you with tips, tricks, and resources for keeping your plants alive and healthy, especially if you have only a limited space available to grow plants. The goal of this website is also to find plants that fit your unique needs, whether it be the color of the plant, level of sunlight and water that you can provide them, or the amount of space they take up.

My Philosophy

It’s not always easy taking care of plants, and if your plants are only bringing you stress and no joy, you need to figure out something different. That can be by moving a plant to a different location, providing it with more water or light, or simply just giving yourself permission to get rid of the plant.

It’s more important to take care of yourself first, and if your plants are causing too much stress, ask for someone’s help caring for it, give that plant away or choose to not grow that plant next year.

I hope that you’ll be able to relax when looking at your plants – something I feel is so important in today’s world.

My goal is to make sure what you’re growing makes you happy and is as minimal stress as possible. I hope to put a smile on your face by growing plants that you love and understanding how to take care of them.

Thanks for visiting Breathing Garden!

Happy growing


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