5 Easy Gift Choices for Plant Lovers this Holiday Season 2023

5 no brainer gifts for plant lovers with philodendron plant and fairy door

With the holiday season just around the corner, let’s help ease your stress over gifts to get your plant loving friends and family. These gifts for green thumbs are the perfect way to show your appreciation for loved ones.

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But what if your plant-loving friend has no more space for new plants? Well, worry not because we’ve got you covered. And with only 5 suggestions, you won’t be stuck with choice paralysis!

Let’s look at these 5 easy gift ideas for the holiday season.

Gardening Journal

Now I might be a bit biased as I love tracking everything in my life, so a gardening or houseplant journal is a no-brainer. This journal is not just a record of plant’s growth and progress but also an excellent way to track their garden’s successes and failures.

garden journal
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Gardening journals also come in different styles and designs, making them the perfect personalized present for your friend, whether they want to track fruits and vegetables and growing plants from seed or track their house plants!

Leaf / Flower Pressing Kit

If your friend loves nature and is fond of collecting leaves and flowers, a pressing kit (or book) is an excellent gift choice. With this kit, they can preserve their favorite plant leaves and flowers for memories or to display.

houseplant care journal breathing garden

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Leaf pressing kits are also great for people who like to craft, as they can then create unique and personalized cards, bookmarks, or even wall art.

Cute Little Plant Pot

A plant lover can never have too many plant pots, and a cute little one will always be appreciated. Look for something small yet stylish that can fit on a windowsill, desk, or bookshelf. You can even add some plant accessories or a small succulent for a cute and complete gift package.

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Indoor Composter

For an eco-conscious plant lover, an indoor composter is the perfect gift. Not only are they a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional composting, but they also produce nutrient-rich soil that can improve the growth of their plants. Indoor composters come in various shapes and sizes, and most are compact enough to be used in small spaces.

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While this idea might seem odd as a holiday gift, it’s a great way to have fresh nutrient dense soil right at the fingertips and have slightly less trash going to the landfill. (The indoor composter idea, of all on this list, is the one you want to make sure they don’t already have)

Another Plant

This may sound obvious, but nothing says “happy holidays” to a plant lover like another plant. While they may not have any more space for a large one, there are plenty of small plants that can fit in almost any location. There are so many different types of plants to pick from, you can just go with your gut, one can not have too many philodendrons or pothos plants. (Keep reading about indoor vine plants here)

philodendron plant with decorations

(Or get some cute decorations for their plants like in the image above!)
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Finding the perfect gift for a plant-loving friend can be challenging, especially if they have no more room for new plants. But don’t stress out; these gifts ideas can bring joy to any plant enthusiast! Whether it’s a plant journal, a leaf pressing kit, or just another plant, these five easy gift ideas will make your holiday shopping a breeze. Happy holidays!

track your houseplants a journal

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