5 Beautiful Brown Flowers To Grow In Your Garden

brown roses

The brown flower is an often overlooked color in the world of plants. Most people associate flowers with vibrant colors, such as pink or purple, and overlook these understated beauties.

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Brown flowers are often overlooked because they’re not as showy, but are still beautiful. They also add depth to your garden by changing the colors up. Sometimes it’s good to see brown flowers that are intentionally brown!

Many types of brown flowers can be grown in your home garden this year! In this article, you will uncover five unique plants that have beautiful brown blooms.

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Bearded Iris

brown bearded iris
Image from Pixabay

The bearded iris is a magnificent flower ranging in colors, including a muted soft brown to a deep chocolate brown color. A bearded iris is a perennial that can grow anywhere from 12-24 inches tall and has a flowering period of about three months. It’s an excellent addition to any garden!

It is the only flower with “beards” (fuzzy white hairs) on the petals and sepals. It prefers full sunshine but can tolerate light shade. This flower should thrive in well-drained soil. It is tolerant of drought and does not need much water to survive!

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This flower blooms in midseason and is an excellent choice for any gardener with limited space because they only grow 12-40 inches tall, depending upon the variety, and don’t need a lot of space for individual plants.

Once these flowers are planted in your garden, they are a low maintenance type of flower. Plant these brown flowers at the surface of the soil, so the top of the rhizome (root) is visible. Help these plants grow by spreading out the roots when you’re planting them.

Brown Dahlia

red-brown dahlia
Image from Pixabay

Dahlias come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, including brown tones! The main brown dahlia variety to find is the chocolate brown. This gives a deep brown color to add to your garden.

Make an entire garden just with dahlias, or plant a few!

This is a great plant for water-conscious people, or someone who won’t remember to water all the time, since this is a semi-drought tolerant plant.

This is an annual plant you will have to plant new tubers for each year to grow again, and prefer full sun. They will survive in partial shade, but won’t bloom as much.

Brown Tulips

brown orange tulip
Photo from Unsplash

Next up in types of brown flowers is the brown sugar tulip. This variety of tulip is almost a rust-orange light brown color, with various colors present on every petal!

Like dahlias, tulips do prefer full sun. Grow these in a pot if you don’t have space in a garden to grow them as well! Then you can even move the plant if it starts getting to be too shady of a spot.

Tulips do require a bit of planning ahead, as you want to plant the bulbs in the fall so they’ll be ready to bloom in the spring and summer, maybe even popping out before the last frost. Depending on where you live, they may need to be planted anywhere from October-December for best growth.

Toffee Rose

brown roses
Photo from Pexels

Roses are beautiful, and have so many color varieties to choose from. Often we think of roses coming in different shades like pink, white, yellow, and red. But there are also brown roses! One of the most popular brown rose colors is the toffee rose.

This rose has a similar color to what it’s named after, toffee. Think a creamy brown color that looks fake from the color.

One problem with the toffee rose is that it is extremely difficult to find. It’s easier to find lighter brown rose varieties, like honey dijon or koko loko.

Check which rose variety you get for care, as some grow to be giant bushes, whereas some stay miniature. Light requirements also vary based on type of rose! But keep any rose blooming for the season by pruning often when a flower seems to be wilting!

Cymbidium Orchid

brown orchids
Image from Pixabay

There are a few different varieties of this orchid, with a few having deep brown petals, including brown beauty, the chocolate orchid, and amber brown.

Orchids can get a bad reputation for being hard to take care of, and some varieties are. These are better suited to living inside in a pot as indoor plants where you can have more control over their growth rather than having them growing in the garden, but they are still beautiful flowers that deserve to be on this list.

Both of these brown orchids will do well in a pot on a windowsill, getting a decent amount of sun. These do still grow in soil, but look for a type that is quick draining. This is a great article on how to care for orchids.

Convinced to get some different shades of brown flowers growing now? Any of these will be a fun addition to your garden or indoor plant collection.

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