Use The Many Dahlia Colors To Create A Beautiful Garden

multicoloured dahlia

Dahlias are a beautiful plant to have growing in your garden. Blooming beautifully, there are amazing dahlia colors to grow in your garden!

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There are thousands of types of dahlia flowers, and they come in about as many shades as you can imagine and add so much beauty to your garden and your table if you choose to pick the flowers. This means that favorite varieties is really dependent on you and what you like.

Rather than going through the top varieties of dahlias, this will go through the most popular colors and the varieties that are that color will be listed!

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About Dahlias

Dahlias are a really easy plant to care for, as they are part of the same family as sunflowers! They prefer full sun, and will bloom best when they are given that sunlight. When looking at dahlias, they come with so many different flower sizes for you to choose from to grow. Choose to have a small, dandelion sized flower, or choose dahlia plants that will bloom to be as big as a baseball.

These flowers do not need to be watered extremely often, and can withstand some drought/negligence, making it a good choice for someone who does not always remember to water their plants.

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Dahlia flowers are a great annual to have in many gardens around the world. It’s only if you live in an area that gets no frost and has very mild winters that they can be perennials. Otherwise, plan on planting dahlias during spring, after the last frost and once the soil is soft/not frozen.

The growing season for your dahlias to bloom is from early-mid summer until the first frost.

Let’s look at the different colors of dahlias to choose varieties from!

White Dahlia

white dahlia

White is considered a pure color, and represents innocence. The white dahlia is visually stunning in any garden, and will go with any other colors you choose to plant! Separate various color dahlias with a row of white, or give them all their own sections.

Some of the white dahlias may have a yellow center, rather than being white all the way through.

Some of the most popular varieties of white dahlia flowers include: Blizzard, My Love, Brookside Snowball, and Snowbound.

Red Dahlia

Add a bright addition to your garden with the red dahlia flower. Red flowers are know to symbolize love in relationships. Add a bright pink-red flower to your garden or a sultry deep red color.

Some of the most popular red varieties of dahlias include: Aurora’s Kiss, Kilburn Rose, American Beauty and Bishop of Llandaff.

Orange Dahlia

orange dahlia

Orange may not be the color for everyone, but there can be beautiful variations and sunset reminiscent shades. Add these beautiful additions to your dahlia garden, or grow on their own for a pastel or vibrant color!

Varieties of orange dahlias include: Camano Buz, David Howard, Rose Tuscano, and Hollyhill Orange Ice.

Yellow Dahlias

yellow dahlia

Yellow is the color of friendship. Grow these dahlias and give them to friends as a sign of appreciation and affection for them! Or keep them in your own garden to remind yourself of your friendship with the garden and yourself.

This color is a very common flower color in the garden, with so many flowers being yellow (which is one of the colors of flowers that bees prefer). Plant a bunch of yellow dahlias together to help the bees find your garden and thrive!

Some of the most common varieties of yellow dahlias include: Primrose Diane, Oakwood Goldcrest, and Yellow Star.

Green Dahlia

Green Dahlia
Image by photosforyou from Pixabay

It’s more common to think of stems being green, not the flowers themselves having a green tinge to them! This is one of the more rare dahlia colors to find; it’s easier to find a yellow dahlia that has a green tint to it.

One of the closest to green dahlia is the Brookside J Cooley Dahlia, which is a yellow/green flower!

Blue Dahlia

Blue flowers seem to be the other color of flower that bees prefer. Growing yellow and blue dahlias in your garden will help ensure the bees are pollenating your garden and plants are thriving! Blue flowers are beautiful to have growing in your garden, as they are a bit more unusual to see normally!

Like green, it’s difficult to find a truly blue dahlia flower. It’s easier to find a purple dahlia that is closer to blue than purple.

The closest to blue colored dahlias include Blue Boy, and Blue Bell (although it’s more of a light purple at the end of the blooming period).

Purple Dahlias

purple dahlia

Purple is a common one of the many dahlia colors, which can often be the closest color to both black and blue. Purple is a beautiful color to have in your garden, whether growing it individually or in with many other colors. The purple dahlias can be classified as both purple or lavender, depending on the shade!

Some of the most popular purple or lavender dahlia varieties include: Ivanetti, Jennifer’s Wedding, Elma Elizabeth, and Chee.

Pink Dahlias

pink dahlia

Pink dahlias are a beautiful addition to any garden. Adding a vibrant pop of color, this dahlia color is a common one to see! It is so vibrant you’ll be able to see it from a ways away and remind you of the life that’s growing in your garden!

Some of the most common varieties of pink dahlias include: Ms. Zelda, Elvira, Penhill Watermelon, Kennora Lisa, Wyn’s Moonlight Sonata and Cafe au Lait.

Black Dahlias

dark red/black dahlia
Image by Lena Svensson from Pixabay

These are one of the most rare colors of dahlia. It’s difficult for them to get such dark pigments and these are most often created in a lab to make them have their dark coloring.

This is not often chosen for the garden because of how dark it is, when many people want bright dahlia colors in their garden and home. It is still a showstopper of a flower!

Some of the varieties of black dahlias to grow in your garden include Arabian Night, Black Embers, and Black Jack.

Brown dahlias are also sort of in this category, being difficult to find! They often are similar to the black dahlia colors, looking almost more red than brown.

Multi-Colored (Variegated or 2-Color) Dahlia Flowers

multi-colored dahlia
Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

Why only have one color of dahlia when there are flowers with multiple colors! These are beautiful plants that are sure to bring beauty to your garden or kitchen table once they’ve been cut off.

Some of the most beautiful bi color dahlias include: A La Mode, Magically Dunn, Jessica Willows, Appleblossom, and Hollyhill Bewitched.

This is not an exhaustive list of every variety of dahlia, but I hope this has gotten you on the right track! Have you decided on which colors of dahlias to grow? Get planting! Make sure to plant them in a spot that gets full sun and direct sunlight and make sure to have slightly moist soil for best growing conditions.

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There are so many different varieties of dahlias! Find out some of the top varieties based on color!
There are so many beautiful dahlias to grow in your garden. Find out some of the top varieties by color!
There are so many beautiful dahlias to grow. Find out varieties from every color in the rainbow!

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