Brighten Up Your Living Space With These 8 Purple Indoor Plants

house plants with purple leaves

Purple indoor plants are fun and beautiful add-ons to anyone’s plant collection. Not to mention, they really liven up the home. This guide will list some of the best purple plants, along with care tips to keep them looking good. Not to be confused with plants bearing purple flowers, we are talking about house plants with purple leaves.

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Keep reading to find out about some stunning purple house plants!

We’ve found some of the more common plants with purple leaves, as well some unusual purple house plants for you to check out and decide which is the next plant for your home.

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T. zebrina – A Striped Purple Plant

inch plant

This extraordinary T. Zebrina plant is a snap to grow and looks just as good in a hanging basket as in its natural form. Also commonly called Wandering Jew (but you can read here why NOT to call it that), there are a few different varieties of this plant. The most popular variety sports leaves with silver and olive coloring on top and a maroon shade of purple on the bottom.

Some variations of this T. Zebrina plant have purple coloring on both sides of the leaves. These purple indoor plants flourish in evenly-watered soil under medium or bright low light. To grow this striped houseplant, all you need are stem cuttings placed in moist potting soil or water.

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Purple Oxalis – A Purely Purple Houseplant

purple oxalis plant - a great purple indoor plant

This plant is a Brazil native. The Purple Oxalis sport some amazing pinwheel leafage and many beautiful blossoms. Some types of oxalis have foliage or purple leaves with more profound accent markings. Due to its elegant flowers and dainty leaves, it is a great option for planters or inside. The small, triangle-shaped leaves close during the night, making it a fun plant to have in the home.

This plant does not like excess water or direct sunlight, so it will do well in an area of the room that is brightly lit, but not hit directly by the sun!

Rex Begonia – Variegated Purple Leaves

rex begonia plant
Rex Begonia “Firework” from BearFootFarmsLLC on Etsy

Begonias are adored for their textured and boldly colored leaves. The leaves on this rex begonia vary with a wide range of stripes, shapes, and colors. The leaf shapes and color blends of red, white, pink, purple, and silver are perfect for any room.

Rex begonia usually flourishes in shade gardens, which make them perfect for indoor plants. Place them in damp soil where they will be exposed to indirect, bright sunlight. This plant does best with a climate similar to room temperature, perfect for a purple indoor plant.

Ti Plant – Various Purple Hues

hawaiian ti plant

These are marvelous purple indoor plants with brightly colored leaves and luxurious appeal. If you are looking for something to add a splash of color or style to a brightly-lit corner of a room, the ti plant is an excellent choice.

Often called “Hawaiian Ti Plant,” it can have a variety of vibrant leaf colors, from green to almost fuchsia. Most ti plants are adorned with strappy leaves streaked with various shades of white, pink, cream, and purple. This plant should be placed in an area that gets only partial sunlight.

Waffle Plant – Deep Purple Leaves

purple waffle plant cutting
Purple Waffle Hemigraphis Alternata from MarcusFishTanks on Etsy

This small but gorgeous houseplant sports colorful leaves that have a metallic purple underside. The appearance is stunning, making this plant a great addition to any home. The waffle plant also occasionally goes by the name red ivy, if you’re looking for it!

Due to its short height, it’s perfect for sitting on countertops or end tables. It can also be used as a groundcover for bigger indoor plants (like a ficus trees). The waffle plant is among the more temperamental house plants with purple leaves, because it will lose it’s rich purple coloring with not enough sunlight, but also direct sunlight will bleach the leaves.

Purple Sweet Potato Vine – A Purple Leaved Vine

purple sweet potato vine

Although there are many beautiful house plants with purple leaves, few are quite as versatile as the sweet potato vine plant. This plant grows well in both shade and partial sunlight, and looks great in garden beds or as indoor plants.

This plant is mostly adored for its bright leaves which come in a variety of colors including bronze, black, copper, purple, and lime. The beauty of this vine plant is provided by the leaves, not the blooms, so it can be appreciated year-round. This plant thrives in well-draining, but moist soil.

Look at the black sweet potato vine in best black house plants.

Coleus – Small Leaf Purple Houseplant


Coleus can be found in an array of styles and colors, including purple. Although it is primarily used for outside gardens, it is very easy to grow inside as well. This plant is also extremely easy to propagate.

To ensure a bright and vibrant color, this plant should receive a lot of sunlight. The brilliant leaves can energize a dull room and the small size works perfectly in crowded corners.

Purple Passion – Unusual Purple House Plant

purple passion plant

Last but not least on our list of purple house plants is the purple passion! This stunning plant has woolly green leaves with a dabbling of purple fibers around the edges. It gets a distinctive purple shine when kissed by a dribble of sunlight.

As a young plant, purple passion is fairly upright, but as it matures it begins to spread out like a vine. For this reason, it is a great option for hanging baskets. This plant needs uniformly moist soil and should be kept in bright light.

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One other thing you can do with these plants if they have a lot of top soil is to put some decorative rocks (or a seashell) on top to keep the soil from drying out as quickly while also adding more flare to your plants. Good luck and happy planting!

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