Try Growing These 7 Beautiful Houseplants With White Flowers

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While flashy blossoms and vibrant colors are undoubtedly beautiful, nothing can top the elegance of delicate white blooms. Adding a sophisticated, yet contemporary touch to even the simplest of décor, houseplants with white flowers are a perfect addition to any room!

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These are 7 of the most popular indoor plants with white flowers!

The Peace Lily – Blooms Year Round

peace lily

Sporting long-lasting blooms and standing up to 3 foot tall when grown indoors, the peace lily is arguably the most iconic of the indoor plants with white flowers on the market. Native to the rainforests of Central and South America, the peace lily isn’t actually a lily at all! This fact is irrelevant once you witness the beauty of this plant’s glossy, green leaves and large, spire-like blooms.

Thriving in medium indirect light, peace lilies require well-drained, peat-based soil and regular watering. Sometimes also known as the spath lily, this plant is more than just a elegant addition to a living or dining room; peace lilies actually filter more indoor pollutants, like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, than almost any other plant, making it a good choice for those concerned with indoor air quality. (Find what other indoor plants help clean the air here!)

If purchasing a peace lily, be sure to keep out of reach of children or pets, as they can be toxic when ingested.

Amaryllis – Bulb Plant

Photo by Eva Elijas from Pexels

These winter-blooming houseplants with white flowers are a Christmas favorite, growing 1-2 foot tall and blooming for up to 7 weeks. Obtained through careful breeding of several species from Central and South America, the Amaryllis plants available in the United States are often sold as potted bulbs for the winter holidays.

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Sporting large, trumpet-shaped flowers and oblong leaves, this perennial plant thrives in full sun to part shade and requires a rich potting mix and regular watering. To encourage further blooms, allow your amaryllis to grow outdoors in the summer, then bring it indoors during the fall and force the plant into a short dormancy by withholding water and fertilizer for several weeks.

Cyclamen – Sweet Scented Flowers

cyclamen plant
Image by Else Siegel from Pixabay

A common and well-loved houseplant, the cyclamen’s delicate, sweetly scented flowers and beautiful, marbled leaves make it a welcome addition to any room, especially during the winter holidays when it is in bloom. Native to the Mediterranean, this petite plant typically grows only 6-9 inches tall and requires a summer dormancy period, where it dies back to its roots before growing again in the fall.

Sporting alluring heart-shaped leaves with marbled green and silver coloring, this plant thrives in partial sun and moist, well-drained soil, requiring frequent watering. Also known as the Persian cyclamen or Persian violet, this plant should be kept out of the reach of both children and pets, as it is known to be toxic when ingested.

Christmas Cactus – Winter Flowers

christmas cactus in bloom

The Christmas cactus, alternately known as the thanksgiving cactus, holiday cactus, and crab cactus, this prevalent species of indoor plants with white flowers is available at nearly every grocery store, hardware store, or garden center beginning in early November. Sporting feathery white flowers at the ends of knobbed, drooping green segments, this plant can grow up to 12 inches tall but may spread up to 24 inches wide, so be sure to give your Christmas cactus room to spread out.

Native to the tropical rainforests of Brazil, this plant prefers partial sun and moist but well-drained soil. Requiring more frequent watering than many other cactus varieties, the Christmas cactus should still be watered sparingly. If the leaves of your cactus are yellowing, find out how to save it here.

Moth Orchid – Contemporary Flowers

white moth orchid
Photo by Jean-Louis Paulin on Unsplash

An exotic beauty, the moth orchid’s traditionally white blooms may come in a range of other pastel colors; however, for a contemporary but sophisticated display, the moth orchid’s long-lasting white flowers are second to none!

Native to Southeast Asia, this plant prefers rooms with bright, but indirect, light, making it ideal for rooms with south or west-facing windows. Easy to care for, the blooms of this plant can last for up to four months at a time, and usually rebloom within a year with proper care. However, the moth orchid can easily suffer from overwatering, as it and other species of orchid are prone to root rot and other fungal diseases. Generally speaking, your moth orchid should only be watered when the sphagnum moss in which it is planted feels dry, and should never be allowed to sit in water.

Dendrobium Orchid – Elegant Flowers

dendrobium orchid
Photo by Jessica Knowlden on Unsplash

Similar to the moth orchid, the dendrobium orchid is a show-stopping beauty whose wide white blossoms bloom the length of the stem, making these houseplants with white flowers an elegant addition to any bookcase, dining room table, or windowsill. A slow-growing plant native to Southeast Asia, these epiphytes tend to grow on other plants, rather than on their own and may require staking or other support to grow correctly.

Dendrobium orchids prefer partial sun and moist but well-drained soil; at no point should your orchid be allowed to sit in water, as this plant is prone to root rot and other fungal diseases. To avoid overwatering, your dendrobium orchid should only be watered when the sphagnum moss in which it is planted feels dry.

Kalanchoe – Flowering Succulent

kalanchoe (widow's-thrill)
Image by misskursovie2013 from Pixabay

An easy-to-care-for succulent, the kalanchoe is a beautiful indoor plant with white leaves that can bloom year-round in correct lighting conditions. Native to Madagascar, this slow-growing plant may take 2-5 years to reach its mature size of 12-18 inches tall. Also known as flaming katy or widow’s thrill, kalanchoe prefers full-sun to partial shade, well-drained soil, and room to spread out, as this plant may grow as wide as it is tall.

Thriving naturally in arid environments, this plant sports thick green leaves and clusters of delicate white flowers, and should be watered sparingly to avoid root rot. Most importantly, the kalanchoe should be kept out of the reach of small children or pets, as it can be toxic when ingested.

Hopefully this article has helped you decide which of these white indoor flowering plants to get next! Looking for plants with other colors of flowers or leaves? Read about red leafed plants, purple leafed plants, and colorful indoor plants!

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