Dig Up Your Garden With These Top 8 Garden Trowels (2022)

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Trowels are one of the best tools to have in your garden, and you may even want multiple. But don’t just get the first one you see! There are so many different garden trowels, each with their own pros and cons. Make sure to get the best one for you!

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When it comes time for weeding, planting or harvesting, things become difficult if you don’t have a good trowel! This post will give you some tips on the best garden trowels in 2021 that you should consider choosing so you can keep gardening with ease.

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Wilcox All Pro 202S Trowel

metal trowel with red handle

This Wilcox All Pro trowel is a great gardening trowel for those who love to garden. Its stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean, which means you’ll always be able to use your trowel without worrying about plants or dirt sticking around on the blade.

The comfort grip handle also ensures that you can hold onto your trowel for a long time without it becoming too uncomfortable for you. This is a great garden hand trowel if you’re looking for one that can get into tight spaces. Choose from various lengths with this garden trowel, eitherh ave a long blade with the 22 inch trowel, or a compact one that’s 9 inches.

Edward Tools Heavy Duty Trowel

sleek metal trowel with ergonomic handle

This heavy duty trowel is another great option for gardeners who are looking for a garden trowel. This one has a stainless steel blade so you can clean it easily, and the metal handle construction ensures that this garden trowel will last you through many seasons of gardening.

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Its ergonomic design ensures that you can garden for hours without getting too tired from the effort.

Burpee 13-inch Stainless Steel Trowel

stainless steel trowel with wooden handle

This stainless steel trowel is another great option to choose from. As it has a stainless steel blade, it won’t rust or corrode. This ensures that the trowel lasts longer.

This one also has an ergonomic handle construction that ensures maximum comfort while gardening. This trowel also has a sharp edge that makes it easy for you to weed and dig into the soil. It has a depth gauge on the blade too, so you can easily see how deep your holes are being dug. This can be really helpful for transplanting small plants, so you don’t dig the hole too deep.

CFCT Bend-Proof Trowel

all metal trowel with measurements

Constantly breaking trowels from digging into too-frozen or packed dirt? This is the trowel for you. This is a bend-proof trowel, which means no part of this trowel will let you down.

Its sharp edge also makes digging and weeding easy for gardeners of all skill levels. If you’re looking for a light aluminum trowel that you can garden with for hours, then this trowel is perfect.

This sturdy trowel is especially great for planting bulbs, since you can measure how deep you are digging with this trowel.

Tierra Garden DeWit Forged Trowel

small metal trowel with wooden handle

This forged trowel is perfect for gardeners who have a smaller garden. It has a blade that makes it easy to dig into the smallest spaces, and its hand-forged steel construction ensures that it will last you through many seasons of gardening.

Its handle is made of hardwood so it’s easy to grip, and its sharp tip makes garden trowel work much easier, especially if you’re trying to dig in compacted soil.

HOMY Stainless Steel Garden Set

set of 3 stainless steel garden tools

This is not only one trowel, but a set of 3 garden tools. If you’re looking for a sleek set of tools for all of your gardening needs, this stainless steel garden set is the right choice. This one comes with a transplant stainless steel trowel, hand trowel and cultivator.

All garden tools are made of stainless steel so they resist corrosion and rust, which means you won’t have to worry about buying other trowels for many years. Besides being lightweight, these garden tools are designed to be sturdy and durable, so you can use them for hours without worrying about any problems.

This set means it’s an easy choice for any gardener looking for new tools that won’t rust and work in many types of soil, including rocky soil or loose soil.

Radius Garden 100 Ergonomic Aluminum Trowel

curved handle on a trowel

Do you spend hours doing the same garden task? If so, then this radius garden trowel is perfect for you. It has an ergonomic design that ensures it will be comfortable to hold onto while gardening or doing garden tasks.

This garden trowel also has a blade that makes digging holes in soil easy and efficient so you’ll get things done faster than ever before. You’ll also appreciate its thermoplastic handle that resists dirt and moisture, making the trowel easier to clean. This one will make gardening easy, with how comfortable the soft grip is to hold.

If comfort is difficult for you to come by when gardening, this is the best garden trowel for you to choose! It’ll make transplanting plants a breeze and make gardening easy again.

Garden Guru Super Strong Trowel

sleek metal trowel with green handle

This super strong trowel has a blade that is strong and durable, which means you won’t have to worry about repairing your garden tools in the coming years. Its sharp edge also makes digging into soil easy and efficient so you’ll get things extremely fast. It has a contoured finger grip to make it easy to hold on to that minimizes hand stress while digging.

If your garden contains tough soil, then this garden trowel is perfect for you. On top of that, this hand trowel’s handle is ergonomically designed for comfort and durability, and it has a large size that is perfect for gardeners who have larger hands.

Buying Guide For The Best Hand Trowel

The main things to keep in mind when shopping for a new garden trowel include:

  • Weight: Does the trowel feel too heavy for me?
  • Handle: Does the handle seem uncomfortable or flimsy in my hands?
  • Handle Length: How long does the trowel handle feel in my hands? Can I grip it easily or comfortably to ensure a sturdy hold while gardening? Is this a good length for me?
  • Handle: Will its handle be easy to hold onto the garden tool for hours?
  • Rust: Is this tool made of stainless steel or a non-corrosive metal?
  • Blade: Is the trowel blade strong or does it bend easily when using garden tools?
  • Sharpness: does this hand trowel have a sharp edge?

This year, gardening should be easy and therapeutic. If you’re new to garden tools, make sure you consider the garden hand trowels above before you make a purchase. And be sure to check out the best garden gifts for moms!

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