Protect Your Garden With Deer Netting – These Are Our Top Picks

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Many homeowners enjoy seeing wildlife on their property. That said, those same critters that are fun to watch can be destructive, especially to your garden.

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Large animals, like deer, can destroy a well-maintained flower or vegetable garden in just a few minutes. A deer fence, or netting, is an option to keep these animals away from your plants. These are some of our favorite deer netting products to keep deer from eating your flowers.

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Feitore Deer Fence Netting

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One of the more popular deer netting materials is the reusable polypropylene plastic used to make Feitore’s 3/4-inch netting. It is lighter than metal and is easier to use.

A seven-foot height offers a barrier tall enough to keep deer away from your treasured flowers or vegetables. The 100-foot roll will allow you to encompass the perimeter of a small garden or wrap around several plants or planters.

You want to make sure that your plants can grow without interference, and the 3/4-inch mesh protects without blocking sunlight. It can keep larger birds and other mammals away from berry bushes or flowering plants.

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The polypropylene plastic is waterproof and rot-resistant. Most importantly, it has been UV-stabilized so that sunlight will not make it brittle over time. The Feitore Deer Fence Netting comes with 100-feet of black netting, 10 plastic stakes, and 50 zip ties.

Dalen Deer X Protective Netting

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Another deer fence option to consider is the protective netting from Dalen. It also comes in a 100-foot roll that allows you to surround your planted garden, shrubs, or trees.

You can easily manipulate the 3/4-inch netting, using stakes and poles to create a fence or drape it over bushes and other plants. The Deer X Protective Netting does not come with accessories like stakes or zip ties, though.

A protective fence must be tall to protect gardens from high-jumping animals like deer. Dalen’s Deer X product comes in seven-foot high rolls. Deer X uses a black polypropylene plastic that makes it low-visibility.

That allows you to enjoy seeing your flowers and vegetables behind the netting. It is made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly option for a fence. The material includes UV inhibitors, which are a must for plastics exposed to direct sunlight.

AlpineReach Garden Netting Kit

If you happen to have several shrubs or plants that need covering, or you need a fence that is a bit higher, then the Garden Netting Kit from AlpineReach might be for you. The green mesh is a composite material with built-in UV resistance.

It is tightly woven, adding to the overall strength and making it hard to rip or tear. The mesh is 5/8-inch, keeping out several animals besides deer. It comes in a 65-foot roll that is 7.5-feet high. That is an additional six inches over many of the other deer netting products.

You can cut the mesh to shape without difficulty, allowing you to protect individual plants in your yard. The composite material is flexible but will not break down due to weather exposure. Your purchase includes 100 zip ties and 487 square feet of fencing. Stakes and poles will need to be purchased separately.

Yikai Wire Garden Fence

Polypropylene plastics and composites are not the only materials used for a deer fence. The welded-wire Garden Fence from Yikai provides a strong barrier that will not rip or rot.

A green vinyl coating protects it from the elements, extending the life of the fence. Each roll measures 40-inches in height and 82-feet in length. Its 19-gauge wire stands on its own, but you can add posts and stakes to make it more secure (as well as an additional layer above to create a solid fence that deer can not jump over).

The openings are 0.65-inches in diameter, which is small enough to keep out most mammals and birds. Not only is this an effective barrier against deer, but it can also serve as pet and farm animal containment.

Tenax Deer Control Fence

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Deer netting does not have to be expensive, as the Tenax Deer Control Fence demonstrates. Each package provides an eight-foot-high barrier in a 330-foot roll. The mesh offers a two-inch diameter opening that keeps deer out while remaining low visibility.

You will not have deer jumping over this tall fence rated at 550-plus pounds breaking load. That makes it a good choice if you have occasional deer walking through your property. The plastic has a round tensile design.

It will provide you with durability without thick tapers at junctions or deformed selvage. Tenax’s reinforced poly tensile will last 10-years or more, which is longer than standard polypropylene materials. The black deer fence does not come with accessories, so you will need to buy stakes and poles if you do not already have them.

Protect Your Garden

Deer netting is easy to install and will save your favorite vegetation from hungry deer. Take advantage of your deer fence and enjoy wildlife and gardening at the same time!

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