Fragrant Indoor Plants: Here are 7 That Will Add Amazing Scents To A Room


Not only can plants add a pop of life and color to the room, but they can also add a welcome distraction with wonderful scents. You might find yourself taking a break in the middle of the day to run your fingers across the leaves of one of these fragrant indoor plants to pick up the scent and keep it with you on your next task.

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Find out which of these fragrant indoor plants is right for the room or office by reading below! (What you can grow may depend on sunlight availability.)


Image by Mary Brotherton from Pixabay

Gardenias quite notably has one of the most appealing fragrances in its flowers. The smell is not only pleasing but also looks fantastic indoors, given its white flowers and glossy green leaves. Gardenia plants are typically grown outdoors but can be grown indoors as long as they are given the right conditions.

These plants require exposure to natural light for up to 6 hours. They also need warm temperatures during the day and cooler temperatures at night. Having these conditions right allows them to properly bloom and blossom. Gardenia plants also need a decent amount of humidity. You can do this by misting the leaves with water daily (or other humidifying ideas here). You should plant Gardenia in well-drained pots to avoid root rot.

Scented Geraniums

geranium in a windowsill
Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

Some geranium plants produce scents similar to lime, rose, lemon or nutmeg. Geranium leaves are uniquely shaped, adding to their aesthetic appeal. They will do best in a cool, well lit area of the room. Where it doesn’t ever get to be above a normal room temperature. These plants do like humidity, but don’t depend on it to grow.

If you want to give them a bit of extra humidity to thrive, place the pot over a water tray with some gravel in it. You may use commercial potting soil as it allows the soil to drain popularly. Given the right conditions, their scents make them a wonderful fragrant indoor plant.

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Indoor Citrus

Citrus scents are very pleasing indoors, and you won’t have to use a spray to fake it when having an indoor citrus tree. These can be orange, lemon or lime. It can be easier than you’d expect to grow citrus indoors, so long as they are given the right circumstance and have the right plant variety.

You will need to plant them in soil with good drainage properties and water them frequently. They do need good lighting, where they get between 8 to 11 hours of natural light per day. They may not fruit as easily as outdoor plants in tropical areas, but even if they don’t their smell will brighten up any room with tones of citrus.


lavender in pot

Lavender plants are recognized for their scent and aesthetics, making them great for any room without paying for a man made air freshener that has the same scent. Some varieties of lavender grow indoors better than others, and some also give off a much stronger scent, like the English lavender. Lavender does like to live in the sun, and that is where it thrives.

This fragrant indoor plant is sure to keep you feeling calm and steady throughout the day, any time you can catch the amazing scent. Find more about how to grow lavender indoors here!

Lemon Balm

small lemonbalm

Lemon balm plants give off a fresh fragrance that smells like lemon without worrying about a whole tree. This plant is also easy to grow inside, which makes them an ideal fragrant indoor plant. To have the whole place smelling like lemon, place this plant near ventilation points during the summer to get the best possible air freshening results. Give this plant an area with a lot of bright light for it to grow well.

A great thing about lemon balm is that it is resilient and will grow optimally in all temperature regions. Excess heat may, however, be detrimental to the leaves. This plant can be potted using commercial potting soil. Make sure that the pot has draining holes and do not overwater to avoid root rot.


Photo from Pexels

There are many orchid varieties, all with varying blooms and colors, and each variety gives off its unique scent. The Cymbidium variety emits a lemon-like scent and has bright yellow flowers for its good looks. If you prefer rose-like scents, you may consider the Miltoniopsis santanaei variety with white flowers.

Growing orchids can be difficult and will call for your attention. However, they will thrive given the right conditions. Different varieties have different requirements.

Mint and Spearmint

mint plant

The fragrance of mint leaves is positively associated with freshness. This plant may not have the aesthetic appeal brought by brightly colored flowers but will guarantee your home an appealing fresh scent. These plants are easy to grow inside, just as they would be grown in an outdoor garden. You will need to frequently trim the leaves and flower buds to keep them in check. (Hint – make tea with the fresh leaves!)

Mint does like to be in a well-lit area, but they do not require direct sunlight exposure to thrive.

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