5 Easy Plant Humidifiers to Increase Humidity For Your Plants Indoors

plants next to each other for humidifying

Plants are amazing additions to any room, bringing life, color, and happiness. Not all plants thrive in regular room conditions, so these are 5 easy plant humidifiers that will increase humidity for your plants!

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These ideas for how to increase humidity for plants are fairly inexpensive, and vary on the amount of effort required on your end. This list will go through the ones that are the cheapest to most expensive options!


plants around a shower
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Putting plants in a bathroom is one of the easiest ways for them to get a very humid environment, with the moisture from showers. This requires almost no extra cost to you (except for maybe a growing lamp if there’s no light), and there’s ample steam for the plants!

Put a few in near the shower, or fill it and create a jungle of plants in your bathroom. Not only will this help the plants, it will also lessen the humidity of the bathroom, and some may even be odor absorbing for an added bonus!


misting leaves of a plant

Misting plants is another easy plant humidifier, but it does require more effort on your end. All you need is a spray bottle with water, and mist around the leaves of the plants!

This is an easy way to ensure that the plants are getting humidity, and will keep them happy. You will have to do this regularly to ensure they stay humid, which does add another task to your to-do list. Keep scrolling for ideas that require less vigilance on your part!

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A common problem for spider plants is they get brown tips. Not enough humidity is a main cause, but read more here for what else might be causing those brown tips!

Humidity Tray (Or a Pebble Tray)

humidity pebble tray

A humidity tray or pebble tray is a really simple thing to make and requires a little less maintenance on your part! You will have to refill the water occasionally, but less often than misting the plant.

To make a humidity tray, get a tray with a lip, fill it with pebbles and water (below the top of the pebble line), and put the potted plant on top of this. This ensures a few things: humidity in the air near the plant, and there is no water that the plant is just sitting in!

Get pebbles from a nearby river or ocean to make this a really cheap, simple diy for a plant humidifier!

Just remember to add water to this humidity tray when it gets dry.

More Plants!

monstera plant
Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

Plants naturally give off moisture to the air through their leaves, so an easy way to ensure plants are getting a humid environment is to put a few together into the corner of the room. This way they get the humidity from each other and create a section that is more humid than the rest of the room.

It does require more plants and means you have to take care of them, but it also means having more plants!

This is what I suggest if your calathea leaves are pointing up


pure enrichment mistaire
Pure Enrichment MistAire Humidifier

This final plant humidifier idea is to have an actual humidifier running near your plants. This does cost in terms of buying a humidifier, and electricity to run it. You’ll also need to add water to it on a regular basis.

Having a humidifier running is a great way to increase humidity in a room, not only for your plants but also for you, especially during the winter months when it gets really dry.

Using a humidifier, put it near the plants that need the moisture the most, or in the same room with them! If you’ve got ivy growing around a window, this is probably the best choice.

These are 5 easy plant humidifiers to keep your plants happy, healthy, and green! One last option is to make a semi-terrarium or even a full terrarium, but that does require much more work. That just keeps in the moisture rather than letting it escape through the air.

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