These 6 Odor Absorbing Plants Are Perfect For Any Bathroom

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Plants are a beautiful addition to any room, and add a bit of life. There are even some odor absorbing plants that make wonderful additions to bathrooms, helping you keep the air smelling fresh and clean without the use of a spray air freshener.

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These plants not only absorb moisture, but will take care of any unpleasant odors, and add a bit of living beauty to the bathroom. They’re easy to look after and care for too!

Why Odor Absorbing Plants?

Use odor absorbing plants to serve double in your bathroom. They’ll not only look elegant and modern, but they’ll help absorb odors you would normally eliminate with sprays, candles and essential oils. So you don’t have to worry about having a constantly smelly bathroom! You can introduce natural beauty into a bathroom space with plants while getting rid of those unpleasant smells. Here are six plants to consider if you want to get rid of lingering odors in your bathroom!

Many of these potted plants also clean the air of volatile organic compounds and carbon dioxide, making it even better to breathe the indoor air!

Choosing the right bathroom plants doesn’t have to be tricky, if you just choose one of the house plants off this list to help the air quality in your bathroom.

Peace Lily – Absorbs All Odors

peace lily

The Peace Lily is a very popular houseplant for it’s beauty and ability to clean the air, removing odors and toxins, while producing oxygen. As long as you don’t have animals in your home, you’re safe using this plant as an odor eliminator (as this plant is poisonous).

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It works to absorb odors that hang around your bathroom. Peace lilies are fairly easy to care for, and it has the bonus of being attractive to look at with its beautifully shaped white flower head and its green leaves, and it coordinates with most any bathroom design scheme. Grow these in bathrooms that get bright but indirect sunlight!

Looking for other white flowered plants to have around the home? Find more here!

Boston Fern – Cleans the Air

boston fern
Image by inonoyazy from Pixabay

A Boston fern plant is a great choice to grow if you do have pets or small children, as it’s a non-toxic plant. This is a great odor absorbing plant for any bathroom. It requires minimal care, and loves humidity. With this being grown in a steamy bathroom, you won’t have to water often, and it will absorb odor as well!

This Boston fern is another air purifying plant, that not only removes smells, but toxins as well! Find more low maintenance air purifying plants for any room here! This is another plant that prefers bright, but indirect sunlight.

Arabian Jasmine – Beautiful Scent

arabian jasmine
Image by İsmet Şahin from Pixabay

The stimulating waves of fragrance from Arabian Jasmine do your bathroom perfect justice in eliminating any unwanted odors. The pure white flowers of the plant are stunning and emit a steady bouquet of aromas that are intense and heavenly. You know its strength when Indonesia declares jasmine as a favored plant of the area.

As it loves humidity, the plant will flourish in your bathroom, plus it makes a beautiful decorative piece to add to your bathroom décor. If you have a window with southern exposure, place your jasmine near it for optimal growth! This prefers, if possible, direct sun for at least a few hours a day!

Silverdrop Eucalyptus – Calming Plant

The beauty of the Silverdrop Eucalyptus lies in its coloration of fragrant silver tipped blue-green leaves that add just the right touch of natural aroma to filter out any offensive smells in your bathroom. Eucalyptus is famous for its oil that is soothing and comforting. It’s also said that Eucalyptus leaves relieve tension and allow for easier breathing.

The Silverdrop variety is perfect for your bathroom space, as it requires minimal care and adds just the right amount of color that blends with any design scheme. Not only will this plant help eliminate odors, but you can also heap the benefits while growing it in your bathroom! There are so many uses for the leaves.

Eucalyptus is also a great plant because the scent repels spiders! Find out about other plants that repel spiders here! This plant does grow best in full sunlight, for at least 6 hours a day.

Spearmint – Minty Fresh

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Who doesn’t like the refreshing aroma of spearmint leaves when they’re basking in the sun close to a window? The plant is easy to grow and your bathroom will thank you for placing it there for the clean and invigorating scent that it releases.

The moistness of your bathroom is a perfect spot for spearmint as it thrives on humidity. Trim the plant back as necessary otherwise you might find it’s taken over the bathroom! This scent will keep your bathroom smelling minty fresh. This is a low maintenance plant, just liking to stay moist, and can grow in medium light.

Tea Rose Begonia – Spa-Like Feel

Image by Nyles McNierney from Pixabay

This beautiful flowering plant in its light pink splendor is just the right addition to any bathroom as it not only adds color and decoration to your bathroom space, but the blooms themselves give off a luxurious, spa-like scent. The tea rose begonia does well with the moisture found in a bathroom, and the blooms themselves are invigorated by the flow of humidity.

Begonias are definitely the plant you want to rid your bath of those unwanted smells, while adding a fresh scent and beautiful color! Get the best scent from this plant by having it get filtered sunlight.

Any of the odor absorbing plants and flowering plants mentioned here would be perfect for eliminating odors in your bathroom space. These are the best plants, but there are many other indoor plants that are odor absorbers to choose from. Some other plants include orchids, varieties of palms, snake plants, spider plants, heliotropes, gardenias, lavender, daisies, geraniums, and chrysanthemums.

When you infuse your bathroom area with any of these plants, you’re giving it a housecleaning and replacing old stinky air with fresh “plant” purified air.

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