Do Jade Plants Bloom? If Yours Isn’t, Find 4 Easy Tricks To Get It Blooming!

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Do jade plants bloom? If you’re not seeing flowers on your jade plant, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Many people have this question, and for good reason. Jade plants are beautiful succulents that can add a touch of greenery to any room, but many people don’t know that they do in fact flower.

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If your jade plant isn’t flowering, there are a few things reasons it might be, and some simple tricks to get it to bloom! Keep reading for 4 easy tricks to get your jade plant blooming, especially for an indoor jade plant!

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Do All Jade Plants Bloom?

Jade plants do bloom, but not all of them do. There are a few different types of jade plants, and some varieties are more likely to flower than others. The Crassula ovata (also known as Crassula argentea) variety is the most common type of jade plant, and it’s the one that’s most likely to flower. There are also quite a few other beautiful flowering succulents to choose from too.

One plant that can accidentally be identified as a jade plant, but DOES NOT flower and is not even related to jade is the Portulacaria afra, or the Elephant bush. The leaves look very similar and can be accidentally mistaken for a jade plant.

How Do I Know If My Jade Plant Will Flower?

Check what plant you’ve got! That’s the most important thing. I have an app called “Picture This” where you just take a picture of the plant, and then it will tell you what plant you’ve got!

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Otherwise, if you don’t have an app, or you’re not sure, do some research online. There are many websites with pictures of jade plants that will help you determine what type of jade plant you have.

Once you know the variety of jade plant you have, do a little research to see if it’s likely to flower.

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When Will My Jade Plant Flower?

Jade plants typically flower once a year, although some may flower more often and others less often. You can expect it to flower later winter/early spring, if your plant has the right conditions.

Why Isn’t My Jade Plant Flowering?

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There are a few reasons why your jade plant might not be flowering.

One possibility is that it’s just too young. Jade plants typically take about two years to start flowering, so if your jade plant is still a baby, it might not be blooming yet.

Another possibility is that you’re not watering it enough, and is underwatered. Jade plants need to be watered regularly, especially when they’re flowering. Make sure the soil is always moist, but not wet.

A third possibility is that you’re overwatering it. Jade plants do not like to be waterlogged, so if you’re giving it too much water, that might be why it’s not flowering.

The final possibility is that your jade plant is getting too much light. Jade plants need a lot of sunlight to flower, but if they’re getting too much, they might not bloom. With too much light, the leaves may also be yellowing.

So with these thoughts in mind, here are things you can do to try to get your plant to bloom!

4 Tricks To Make Your Jade Flower

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If you’ve determined that your jade plant is old enough, there are a few tricks to make your jade plant bloom!

Make Sure It’s Getting The Right Sunlight

One of the most important things to check is the sunlight your jade is getting. Having about 6-8 hours of bright, but indirect sunlight is ideal.

If it’s getting too much light, try moving it to a spot where it will get less sun. Mature plants can handle direct sunlight, but it could also be causing the issues of no flowers! (Find out what to do if you’ve got a sunburned jade plant)

If your plant isn’t getting enough bright light throughout the day, move it to somewhere it can get enough.

Are You Feeding It The Right Nutrients (Fertilizer)?

The second trick is to fertilize it with a high-phosphorus fertilizer. This will help your jade plant bloom.

Fertilize it about once every 6 months with a diluted solution (so you don’t overwhelm the plant). But make sure to choose a fertilizer with phosphorous as the key nutrient.

Make Sure It’s Water Needs Are Being Met

Another trick is to water it more. Jade plants like to be moist, so if you’re not watering it enough, that might be why it’s not flowering.

Just make sure to check the soil before watering so you don’t waterlog the soil and cause root rot.

Forced Dormancy

The final trick is to force it into dormancy. Like outdoor plants at winter, plants will go dormant. They need less water and light at this time. This can just kind of reset the cycle of the plant.

To trick your jade plant into going dormant indoors, move it to a darker (but not totally dark) spot, and allow it to dry out more between waterings.

After a few weeks, you’ll start watering it more and giving it more light, and it should start flowering.

Summary – Do Jade Plants Bloom?

Yes! They should bloom. There isn’t always a guarantee that they will, but if you follow all of the advice above, you’ve got a good chance of having a flowering succulent.

Hopefully one of these tricks will help get your jade plant blooming again! If not, don’t worry, it might just not be the right time for it to flower. Keep trying and you’ll get there! Jade plants are beautiful whether or not they have flowers. And be sure to look at other indoor plants, like these wonderful winter indoor plants or unusual fuzzy succulents.

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