10 Unique Plant-Related Gifts for Valentine’s Day That Are Better Than Flowers

valentines day gifts for plant lovers

Valentines day is right around the corner! If your valentine is anything like me, they would much rather receive a plant-based gift than cut flowers for Valentine’s Day. With these 10 inspiring ideas on plant-based gifts, we’ve got you covered this February!

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One of our main goals with this list is that none of them feel like a chore to the gift receiver. There’s nothing worse than receiving a gift from your partner only for it to become a chore they regularly dread having to deal with.

The other idea behind this list is that all of these items last longer than the few days a bouquet of flowers looks nice for. (Read why we don’t recommend getting cut flowers this year)

With that all in mind, let’s look at these thoughtful plant gifts for valentines day.

1. A Botanical Card

floral heart card from etsy
Get this Floral Heart Card From TwigsPaper on Etsy

The most simple gift you can get your valentine or can even combine with other gifts, is a card with a botanical design. Leaf prints are really beautiful too. Then write inside how much they mean to you.

Bonus – have the card in a biodegradable, seeded envelope, or put a pack of seeds inside.

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2. A Low Maintenance Plant

string of buttons
Get live succulents from Home Depot

For the person who can never have enough plants – get them another plant! Just make sure it’s one that they don’t have already. Picking a low-maintenance plant, like a succulent, or a different easy to care for plant is a great choice.

This plant will last a long time and you can even spruce it up by re-potting it ahead of time so they can just enjoy the plant without any added work.

3. Herb Garden Starter Kit

herbs grow kit
Get this herbs grow kit on Amazon

For the plant lover who loves to cook: a herb garden starter kit. Make this even more special – pick out the herbs that they love the most and make a kit out of that.

(Keep in mind, some herbs are really hard to start from seed – like rosemary) so it might be easier to get already live plants. While you’re giving them this herb garden kit, make sure to mention that you want to help cook with these herbs. Don’t make it seem like you expect your Valentine to cook with these herbs for you in the future.

4. A Decorative Plant Pot

Get these pots on Amazon

For the plant parent who loves to decorate – A plant pot is the perfect gift for the plant parent who loves to decorate. With this gift, they can choose a pot that fits their style and personality. They can use it to display their plants in a way that is both stylish and practical.

5. An Activity To Do Together – Painted Flowerpots

paint your own flowerpots -birds edition
Get this paint your own kit on Amazon

For a fun plant activity to do together – get plain flowerpots, some paint and paintbrushes and have a fun few time painting these pots together! Then you’ll both get to see them regularly and remember how much fun you had making them together.

6. Ceramic Watering Bulbs

snail ceramic watering bulb
Get this Snail Watering Bulb from MountainMudWorks on Etsy

For the plant parent who forgets to water plants – not everyone who loves plants has a green thumb. Those two don’t always go hand in hand unfortunately. So if your plant lover valentine has a hard time remembering to water plants, or just has a plant that needs more water than others, get them watering bulbs.

These are amazing and you’ll constantly see them checking the water in the bulb, being so happy that they know the plant is getting as much water as it needs with less effort required.

7. A Plant Journal

garden journal
Get this Houseplant Journal on Amazon

Another great Valentines day gift for your plant lover is a plant journal. With spring coming around soon, a plant journal is a great idea to get them, especially if they love being organized. This way they can track what they planted, when, and how it’s growing!

8. Botanical Prints or Pressed Flowers

family flower bouquet digital print
Get this Custom Family Flower Bouquet from PopOfInk on Etsy

For a more sentimental gift, you could get them botanical prints or pressed flowers. You can even press flowers together and frame them in a cute DIY project. Better yet if it’s one of their favorite flowers.

Or the suggested above image, PopOfInk will custom make a flower bouquet digital print out for you with each person’s birth month flowers.

9. Floral Earrings

pressed flower earrings in resin
Get these Dried Flower Earrings from EstherRoseCollection on Etsy

There are so many different kinds of floral earrings you could buy these days. It’s perfect if your plant lover really likes fashion as well. Get them some floral earrings, so they can show off their love for plants with a stylish accessory. Better yet – get earrings made from real leaves or flowers.

10. Gardening Tools and Gloves

gardening gloves
Get these gardening gloves on Amazon

If your valentine loves getting dirty in the soil, get them a set of gardening tools and gloves. Even if they already have gloves, a new pair of gloves is a great idea, since they do wear out after a while.

No matter what you choose as your valentine’s gift this year, make sure it is something that demonstrates how much you care, and it’s not a chore you’re giving them, but a gift they’ll cherish!

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