4 Reasons to Ditch Cut Flowers for Valentines Day This Year

ditch the bouquet this valentines day

This year, it’s time to think twice before buying a bouquet of flowers for your Valentine. Choose a different gift to show your love and appreciation this year, like a live plant! There are so many better options, especially for a plant lover.

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Keep in mind this is my own opinion. Not everyone feels the same way, but I still suggest you choose something new and different as a gift!

4 Reasons Not To Buy A Bouquet of Flowers For Your Valentine

I know that a bouquet of flowers is one of the typical gifts for Valentines day. It’s an easy solution that you can pick up from a grocery store on your way home. But that’s one thing that really makes them NOT a good choice for Valentines day this year. They’re over-done (1).

And on top of that, while it might seem nice to give the flowers, it immediately becomes a chore that the other person has to take on (2). Your Valentine may appreciate the flowers, but you’ve added a task for them to add to their already full plate.

Because once you’ve received the flowers, you have to cut the stems to help them drink water. Then you have to find a vase to put them in and display the flowers. That alone is a chore for the day of receiving this beautiful bouquet of flowers.

After the initial day, while the flowers may still look great, the water has to be changed regularly, the petals fall off causing more clean up required, and some flowers last longer than others, so it’s a constant process of keeping the bouquet looking nice (3). They also don’t last very long, and then at the end of the week end up in the trash (4).

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While it’s nice to look at in the beginning, it’s just an extra 5 minutes of effort to be put into maintaining these flowers every day. So it’s less a gift and more a task for them to do.

Floral Alternatives To A Bouquet of Flowers

There are so many alternatives to a bouquet of flowers! Buy them a live plant that they can keep growing for years to come, especially an easy to care for succulent that flowers.

Or, an even cooler idea, buy them a bouquet of handmade flowers – there are so many options of felt flowers, crocheted flowers, or even a Lego flower kit that you can build together! These will last for years, require no maintenance, and are just something different and amazing to look at. And you can add more flowers year after year.

If you’re not convinced with these 2 alternatives, check out this list of Valentines Gifts for Plant Lovers.

If You Still Want To Buy A Bouquet For Valentines Day

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Now if all of this hasn’t swayed you against buying a bouquet of flowers for your Valentine, or if it just won’t be Valentines day without the fresh flowers, consider the following ideas:

  • Buy from a local florist, so you can help the economy and know where the flowers were grown
  • Choose their favorite flowers, or the ones that remind you of them
  • Don’t make it a chore for them to receive the flowers. Have them ready in a vase or at least plan to do the work yourself – find the vase, fill it with water, cut off the ends of the stems to help them absorb the water, and change the water regularly

If you do follow these ideas, then you are giving your person an actual gift for Valentine’s day, rather than another chore added to their plate.

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