Does Lavender Grow In Shade? 3 Reasons To Grow It In Full Sun Instead

does lavender grow in shade

Can lavender grow in shade? That’s a question many people ask, but unfortunately the answer is no. Lavender needs full sun to grow well and produce a good yield of flowers. Here are four reasons why you should plant lavender in full sun instead of trying to grow it in the shade.

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I know not everyone has a lot of full sun spots in their yard or on their patio, or in a window (read how to grow lavender indoors here), but if you’re going to grow lavender, it needs to have priority over some other plants for that full sun area.

Can Lavender Grow In the Shade?

You may be able to get away with lavender growing slightly in the shade, but it’s not going to thrive in shade like it will in a really sunny spot. So no is the answer to “does lavender grow in shade?”

Varieties of Lavender That Grow Better in Shade Than Others

There are different varieties of lavender, and some do better in shade than others. English lavender is a good variety to grow in full sun, while Spanish lavender does better in partial shade. But that still means it gets at least a few hours of sun a day.

How Much Sun Does Lavender Need?

So now that we’ve said that lavender can’t grow in shade, let’s talk about how much sun lavender needs. Lavender needs at least six hours of sunlight a day, and eight to ten hours is even better. If you live in an area with very hot summers, you’ll want to give your lavender some afternoon shade to protect it from the heat.

What else does lavender need to thrive? Read about best soil type for lavender, and the best lavender companion plants.

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Why Does Lavender Need Full Sun and it Can’t Grow In The Shade?

lavender in sun

While it would be nice if lavender can grow in the shade, it really doesn’t thrive without all of the sunlight. And 3 reasons why it needs full sun includes:

  • Lavender needs full sun to grow well and produce flowers. If it’s not getting enough sunlight, it’s missing out on nutrients and photosynthesis to help grow flowers. Instead it will just focus on keeping itself alive.
  • Having lavender in shade will also lead to less of the beautiful scent you expect from a lavender plant. Making it a less enjoyable experience when you brush past it in your garden, or when you use it in crafts.
  • Your lavender won’t grow as well in shade, making it more likely to turn brown, wilt, or turn yellow either from lack of nutrients or root rot, since the soil will be damper and won’t dry out as quickly.

Can Lavender Grow in the Shade?

If you want lavender to thrive, you won’t want to grow it in the shade. You will need to find a sunny spot. So whether you were thinking of growing your lavender in the shade or already have it growing under a tree, try and find a new place to grow it (and read about how to transplant lavender).

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