Do Deer Eat Mums? Make Sure To Protect Your Chrysanthemums!


Deer are known for foraging around and eating leafy greens. Which is great until they end up in your flower garden eating all of your flowers! So do deer eat mums? Are deer something you need to worry about when planting chrysanthemums?

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There are so many different kinds of chrysanthemums to choose from, you don’t want to put that effort to waste with deer just eating your beautiful plants!

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Do Deer Eat Mums?

So to answer the question, do deer eat mums? They will if there’s not much other food available. This means there’s always a chance of your mums getting eaten by deer (that is if you live in an area with deer).

This is not their preferred food, so they’ll go for something else first. But that doesn’t mean during early spring days or late fall that the deer won’t eat your mums.

What About Deer Resistant Chrysanthemums?

With the many varieties of chrysanthemums, there are some that are considered deer resistant.

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Mostly that means that if these chrysanthemums are eaten, they’ll grow back. It doesn’t automatically keep deer from eating them, just makes it more likely that they’ll survive for another year.

So there’s no guaranteed type of mum to plant to keep deer out of your garden, but one that will survive to another year if they do get munched on is the feverfew chrysanthemums.

If you’re worried, you can put up fencing or deer repellent around the area where your chrysanthemums are growing to keep the deer out.

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