Garden Journal: A Journal For Gardeners Reviewed

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I love to garden, but at the beginning of the season, it can be confusing for when to actually start your plants. Or if you’re starting seeds inside, and then moving them out.

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That’s what’s great about this garden journal! Use it to plan for not only this season, but also to look back at next year so you don’t have to figure everything out all over again.

Why This Notebook?

planting seeds journal
my vegetable patch version
garden journal

This garden journal comes in 3 different hardcover options, and one paperback if you’d rather! (sometimes shipping is faster on the paperback option too).

Having a systematic garden planner and notebook is great for a gardener who wants to easily check on a plant’s needs during it’s growing season. You’ll easily be able to find the plant you’re looking for.

Take only a few minutes filling out the details of what each plant you’ve got needs for optimal growing and then just add smaller details as the season progresses!

Not only does this make it easier for you to remember what your plant needs this season, but also helps you to remember for the next one.

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A Look Inside The Notebook

Let’s take a look inside this garden journal! It’s got planning pages at the beginning, and then space to fill out information about your plants! This is great if you’re trying to plan what to grow before the season even begins, and will help keep the stress down and enjoyment up on having plants!

Front Pages

The front pages are a section to plan your garden. Just write down in any order you think of them the plants you want to grow this year, and roughly when to plant them.

I know for me, I always am having to think about “what needs to be planted next?” so having this at the beginning gives me an easy place to look rather than having to try to remember every time I think of a different plant.

garden planning pages

This is a quick way to look and see when to plant your plants without having to google it every single time you think about it. And make it less for you to have to remember.

The Main Pages

The rest of the pages in this notebook have space to write about a specific plant, with as much information as you need to keep your plants healthy and happy! What’s great about this is you can fill out some ahead of time, some when you’ve first planted, and then just add a few notes here and there during the growing season!

garden journal pages to fill out

These pages are made primarily for harvesting plants, that you would start from seed. If you’ve got other plants to add to this notebook, just skip writing in those sections!

This is great for people like me who love to track just about everything. I love to know when the seeds start sprouting compared to how long others take, so I can remember what order to start them for the next year. Or if a different variety of plant takes longer to go to seed.

I love growing marigolds because they help out in the garden and are pretty, but I don’t need to write down when I’m harvesting them since they don’t get harvested.

The beginning of the notebook has an example page of cherry tomatoes, to give you an idea on how to fill out each page. It’s fairly straightforward, but good to have if you aren’t quite sure on how to fill out the pages.

cherry tomato example page

Who Should Use This Gardening Planner?

So who should use this garden journal? Anyone who wants to grow their own garden full of vegetables and keep track of it! I love having information and tracking what’s going on so I can look back at it next year, so I really love the idea of this notebook.

It’s easy to fill out, so you don’t have to actually think about what you need to know about each plant. Just follow the page!

This is an especially good seed notebook for people who like to grow their plants from seeds. It has a specific spot to write out when you start the seeds and when they’ve sprouted, so you can see how long it takes for the next season to plan. Especially if you aren’t sure about starting the seeds inside, or just waiting until the last frost is over.

Who This Is Not For

This is a gardening journal made in mind with growing plants from seed and having produce from those plants. So if you’re looking for just a way to track your indoor plants that will survive many years over, it’s probably not the best journal for you.

Or if you want to track your garden on a month-to-month basis, just noting what’s flowering and where other plants are in their cycle, this is probably not a great notebook, since this is plant focused rather than season focused.


Overall this is a fun garden journal that’s easy to write in and fill out, making it easy for you to track your plants this season and remember what you did for the next season! It’s great for anyone who loves gardening and easily remembering details about the plants you grew.

Get the journal here.

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