Do Deer Eat Hydrangeas? Protect Your Flowers From Being Eaten

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Depending on where you live, it’s important to know if deer eat the plants you’re hoping to grow. Especially with flowers, you may not want to be missing flowers you’ve been working hard to grow by deer munching on them. Or you may be trying to attract deer to your garden with plants!

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So do deer eat hydrangeas? Yes, they will eat hydrangeas, unfortunately for the gardening lover who wants a pristine garden.

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Deer Eating Hydrangeas

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Deer are known to eat their way through so many gardens, so it can be difficult to have a garden if you live somewhere with a large deer population.

So do deer eat hydrangea flowers? Yes, this is the part of the hydrangea that deer are most likely to eat, which is also probably what you’d prefer them to not be eating.

Deer will eat the other parts of the plant too, but are less likely to.

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Now, not all deer eat hydrangeas. This is a plant that will get eaten when other more optimal plants aren’t nearby or growing in that season. So if they have abundant options, your hydrangeas will probably be safe. But that won’t always be the case!

How To Repel Deer From Eating Your Hydrangeas

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There are some hydrangea varieties that deer are less likely to eat, so you can grow those if you are really worried about the deer eating your hydrangeas.

Other options are to fence in your hydrangeas and cover them during the winter when other plants are scarce.

You can also plant deer repelling plants near your hydrangeas to keep them a little safer. These plants are the sort that either are poisonous, hurt to get into (like cactus prickles), or have strong scents. So you could grow strong scented herbs as a deer repellant! Or marigolds are also a deer repellant flower!

Other Things To Consider

While deer might eat your hydrangeas, they are poisonous to you and your pets when eaten (read more about that here).

Or if you prefer to just plant flowers that you don’t want to worry about, Rutgers did a study about deer resistant plants. Just choose some that work for your habitat that deer will leave alone!

Living anywhere where deer live, you may have to accept that your hydrangeas might get some deer damage.

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