Noticing Roots on Jade Plant Stem? Why You’ve Got Jade Plant Aerial Roots Growing

jade plant aerial roots

If you’re a jade plant owner, you might have noticed some peculiar growths emerging from your plant’s stem and wondered, “Are these roots?” The answer is yes! These are known as aerial roots. While it’s not an uncommon sight, it can be a sign of distress on your plant.

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These jade plant aerial roots are completely harmless and can be removed if you prefer, but their appearance should prompt you to pay a little extra attention to your jade plant’s needs.

Let’s look deeper into what’s going on when you notice these roots on the stem of your jade plant!

Jade Plant Aerial Roots: Are They a Problem?

Aerial roots can appear on your jade plant for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, the presence of these roots is a sign that your plant is distressed.

This can be the seen on other succulents growing aerial roots as well. Although, with jade plants, it’s often easier to identify why they are growing aerial roots. This is because most of the time it’s one main problem: underwatering.

While this may not always be the case, most likely, your jade plant having aerial roots is a sign it needs more water or that it’s lacking in certain nutrients. It could also be an indication that your jade plant isn’t getting enough space to spread out its branches and leaves properly, which could be causing it stress.

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Sign of Underwatering

The most common reason for jade plant roots aerial roots is because of underwatering. When you water your jade plant, it’s best to give it a thorough soak and then let the soil dry out completely before watering again.

If the soil doesn’t have enough time to dry out, or if you’re not giving it enough water overall, this can cause aerial roots to sprout up.

My jade plant: I noticed recently that there were aerial roots on mine. Since it was winter, I was watering all of my plants less than normal. Especially my succulents and cacti, since they need even less water than other plants. Then I noticed the aerial roots.

When I watered it, I’ve never experienced a plant sucking up so much water at once. I thoroughly watered it, came back 20 minutes later to realize most of the water had already been drunk by the plant. So I watered it again, and it finally seemed satisfied with the amount of water it had been given.

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Other Causes Of Jade Plant Air Roots

While lack of water is the main cause of these roots growing on the stem, there are a few other causes, which can include nutrient deficiency, inadequate light, and limited space.

It is essential to regularly feed your jade plant with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer to ensure it is getting all the necessary nutrients it needs.

Similarly, the presence of aerial roots could indicate that your jade plant is either getting too much or too little light. Jade plants typically thrive in bright, indirect light. Too much direct sunlight can scorch the leaves, while insufficient light can cause leggy growth. (Continue reading about how to move your jade plant getting sun burnt).

Lastly, a cramped container can cause stress to your jade plant, leading to the growth of aerial roots. If you notice the roots are cramped or growing through the drainage holes, it’s time to transplant your jade plant into a larger container. Always remember that a healthy jade plant requires a balance of the right nutrients, light, and space.

Solving Why You’ve Got a Jade Plant With Aerial Roots

If you’re noticing these roots growing from the stem, the first step is to water the plant! If you notice a positive change, continue this watering routine. If after a few weeks you don’t notice a change, or new aerial roots appear, it might be time to consider the other factors we’ve mentioned, such as nutrient deficiency, lighting conditions, or lack of space.

In Summary: Jade Plant Roots on Stem

Jade plants can sometimes sprout aerial roots from their stem, which is a sign your plant may be in distress. Generally, the most common cause of these roots is underwatering or lack of nutrients. It could also be due to inadequate light, limited space, or other problems.

To help your jade plant get back to its normal state and stop producing aerial roots, take steps to ensure it’s getting enough water and nutrition. Also, check on its lighting conditions and make sure it has enough space in its container and surrounding area!

If all else fails, transplant your jade plant into a larger pot with fresh soil. With a little extra care and attention, you can get your jade plant thriving again! Good luck and happy planting!

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