8 Delightful House Plant With Heart Shaped Leaves Options

string of hearts plant

Leaves come in so many different shapes and sizes on plants, so why not mix up your indoor plants by getting some with heart shaped leaves? Get one of these plants for yourself or choose to give it as a gift to show your love!

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To make this easy and organized, this list is ordered in largest to smallest leaf!

Why Get a Heart Shaped Leaf Houseplant?

Other than why not? The leaves are heart shaped! Any of these plants are a beautiful addition to any room. Get one that’s a vine to hang in a corner, or choose one with large leaves to have as a statement piece. They’re sure to look great next to any other indoor plants you may already have.

Monstera (Swiss cheese plant)

monstera heart shaped leaf

Starting off with a plant with large heart shaped leaves is the Monstera plant. Not only do these leaves have a beautiful heart shaped leaf, they are big leaves that make a statement, as well as can have slits in the leaves.

They make any room feel a bit more tropical. And since this plant is from the tropics, it prefers soft light, mostly indirect light and humidity (east facing windows are a great choice!). Monsteras will have many aerial roots, and often a new root right before a new leaf.

While this isn’t a terribly difficult plant to keep alive, you can accidentally overwater it. Just be sure to check the soil before watering to see if it’s still damp or not!

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Philodendron Gloriosum

Philodendron Gloriosum

While most philodendrons have a heart shaped leaf, making many of them a great choice for this list, the Philodendron Gloriosum (it’s botanical name) are beautiful plants with large heart shaped leaves. This leaf is a dark green color with white veins down it, making it one of the most striking on this list.

To keep this plant healthy, use some orchid potting mix in with the regular soil, and prefers to have some horticultural charcoal mixed in too. Grow this plant in a bright space and water when the soil is dry.

This is sure to be an eye catching houseplant for any room.

Heartleaf Philodendron

heartleaf philodendron

Another philodendron on this list, the heart leaf philodendron actually has heart in the name. This is one of the hardest plants to kill, so it’s great if you don’t have a green thumb. This heart shaped leaf houseplant is great for hanging baskets, and may even flower during the summer.

This plant will grow in low light, so it’s great for offices or spaces without much light. It doesn’t need much in the way of nutrients either, just make sure to water it when it’s dry and try to not waterlog the soil. This is also a really easy plant to propagate, to fill in the basket even more!

Arrowhead Plant

arrowhead plant

You might think, that with the name “arrowhead plant” that this may look more like an arrowhead than a heart shape, but it still deserves a mention. This is a lighter green leaf, who’s botanical name is Syngonium podophyllum, and will start as mostly just a covering plant but will eventually grow into a vine.

This is another fairly easy to take care of plant, as it likes to stay moist but just watering regularly when it’s should be fine. During the dry season that is winter, you’ll probably want to move this plant to the bathroom or near a humidifier to keep it happy.

Having this plant in part shade, part sun is the best. Try growing it near a south facing window. Unless you’ve got a variegated one, then avoid direct light to keep the colors vibrant.

Anthurium (Laceleaf)


Anthurium is a beautiful plant with heart shaped leaves. This is sure to create a lovely romantic atmosphere with it’s green leaves and red spathe that are all in the shape of hearts. The lovely red color is different from all of the others on this list.

These anthurium are also occasionally called a flamingo flower, and can come in a waide array of pink-red shades. This likes a reasonable amount of light, but not right next to a window where it will heat up too much. It only needs to be watered when the top bit of soil is dry, and don’t let it sit in water.

Devil’s Ivy

pothos plant

Although the leaf of Devil’s Ivy is less distinct of a heart shape, the leaves of this trailing pothos are another beautiful heart shaped leaf houseplant. This is a really popular plant to have because of how hardy it is. This plant thrives on being forgotten about.

Grow this pothos plant either as a trailing plant or grow it up a moss pole. To keep this from being too stringy of a trailing vine, trim the ends regularly so it can be a fuller plant. Otherwise this is very low maintenance.

This vine with heart shaped leaves is a good plant for removing toxins from the indoor air, making this a very popular houseplant. Try to only water when the soil is dry. If you overwater, the foliage turns yellow.

String of Hearts

string of hearts plant

Of the plants that have heart shape leaves on this list, the string of hearts is one of the most stunning. The botanical name for string of hearts is Ceropegia woodii.

The cascading vines of this plant are covered in small leaves that look just like hearts. This is a beautiful purple vine with little green hearts with white veins that are the leaves.

While not exactly a succulent plant, they do prefer drier soil and need less water in the winter. This is extremely easy to grow and propagate, and can be variegated or non variegated.

These do tend to be a more expensive plant to purchase, but are definitely worth it when looking for a vine with heart shaped leaves.

Sweetheart Plant (Hoya Kerrii)

hoya plant

While not technically leaves, the sweetheart hoya is a heart shaped plant. It actually grows in the shape of a heart! What better gift than to give this as a valentine’s day gift for the person in your life who loves plants. This is also often called the wax heart plant, or hoya heart, for it’s shape.

This is often just a single leaf succulent that looks like a heart, and can easily fit in a small pot. It prefers to be out of direct sunlight, in bright indirect light.

Keep the Hoya Kerrii fairly dry, making sure the soil is not waterlogged, but not totally dried out either. During late summer you’ll need to water it more than in the winter.

Heart shaped houseplants are a great choice whether you’re looking at new plants for you or as a gift.

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