10 Colorful Succulents Perfect For Any Plant Parent

red succulent

There is no limit to the wonders succulents bring to the table. Hardy, drought resistant, and able to thrive even in the most neglectful of gardener’s hands, these plants don’t really ask for much and yet give so much in return.

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With the right amount of light or sunshine, these incredible plants flourish and you may find that they can even bring a wide assortment of colors as well. There are so many colorful succulents out there, but here are a few that are bound to catch your eye and you’ll have a hard time resisting!

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Ruby Necklace

small ruby necklace succulent
Ruby Necklace from Beleafandgrow

Otherwise referred to as “string of rubies” or its scientific name, Othonna capensis, this trailing succulent is a must-have for any enthusiast’s collection. Like many of its close cousins in the Senecio genus, this plant is composed of long stems covered in many plump, ovular leaves. This makes them ideal as a hanging succulent.

When exposed to full sunshine, Ruby Necklace succulents take on a rich burgundy hue, which is how they got their name.

Pink Champagne Echeveria

Echeveria Pink Champagne plant
Echeveria Pink Champagne from SucculentRarePlant

Pink Champagne Echeveria a variety of Echeveria that with the right amount of sunshine, will turn to a deep maroon color with just a touch of green in the center of the rosette. This plant comes from the crossbreeding of Echeveria laui and Echeveria agavoides “Romeo”, and has fleshy, pointed leaves.

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Graptosedum “California Sunset”

california sunset succulent
Graptosedum California Sunset from CTSairplants

True to its name, the colors on this plant’s leaves bear a remarkable resemblance to a sunset. Pink tips melding into an orange body with a faint hint of green at its center, these colorful succulents are a hybrid cross between Graptopetalum paraguayense and Sedum adolphii.

These plants do fairly well in a wide manner of living arrangements, so long as they are given well draining soil and a bright place to sit.

Coppertone Stonecrop

coppertone stonecrop plant
Coppertone Sedum Stonecrop from HappyJadePlantFinds

Also known by its scientific name of Sedum nussbaumerianum, Coppertone Stonecrop can grow to be about 8 inches tall. They have rosettes that are nearly 2 inches across and are made up of long, pointed leaves.

The leaves are a slight rusty brown that, under the right lighting conditions, develop a coppery orange hue at the edges. In the spring, these plants will sometimes grow light pink star shaped, fragrant flowers!

Sunburst Aeonium

aeonium sunburst
Aeonium Sunburst from QueenofSucculents

Like many aeoniums, the Sunburst Aeonium can get fairly massive if given the space. Fast growing in the winter months, these shrubby plants can get to be up to 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide. The plant itself is made up of long-stemmed rosettes with many spoon-like leaves.

The Sunburst variety has variegated leaves with a combination of creamy yellow and bright green stripes. When exposed to the sun, the leaves will pick up a coppery red hue to their tips.

Sticks on Fire

fire sticks succulents cuttings
Fire Sticks Succulent Cuttings from Calibonsai

Sometimes called the pencil plant, or Euphorbia tirucalli, this colorful succulent is a truly unique looking plant that reminds you of something you’d expect to see in the middle of a coral reef. These bright green, branching stems are only about the diameter of a pencil and form a loose thicket.

In the summer, the tips of this plant are yellow, but in the winter they gain a rosey-red complexion.

Be careful when handling this plant! When broken, the plant secretes a white sap that is known to irritate the skin and eyes. (So keep away from children and animals as well)

Blue Chalksticks

Blue chalksticks succulent
Senecio mandraliscae ‘Blue Chalksticks’  from SuccsInTheSun

In nature, this plant is found growing from cracks and crevices along rocky slopes in the Western Cape province of South Africa. At home or in the garden, these plants can live happily in the ground or even in containers.

Blue Chalksticks, or Senecio serpens, generally have a powdery blue coloration and leaves that somewhat resemble fingers in size and shape.

Pachyveria “Jeweled Crown”

jeweled crown succulent
Pachyveria ‘Clavifolia’ Jeweled Crown from LOAndBeholdPlants

This colorful succulent is created by crossbreeding Echeveria rosea and Pachyphytum bracteosum. It has rounded, fleshy leaves forming a rosette that typically stays under 6 inches across.

The color of the leaves is a seafoam green to powder blue hue that, under the right lighting conditions, develops a pinkish blush to the edges. The plant itself is covered in a natural coating of epicuticular wax that really adds to the soft pastel pallet this plant has going on.

Echeveria “Blue Prince”

echeveria blue prince succulent
Echeveria Blue Prince Succulent from CactusLimon

Echeveria “Blue Prince” is a hybrid variety of unknown lineage. Echeveria by and large is a particularly beautiful genus of plants. They come in a wide array of colors in striking rosettes reminiscent of lotus blossoms, and this particular cultivar is no different.

Its leaves are a stunning dark blue-green color that will actually turn bronze when exposed to full sunshine.

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Living Stones

lithops living stones succulent
Lithops Living Stones From FatandPrickly

Living Stones, or Lithops are certainly a strange looking plant. They are a member of the ice plant family, Aizoaceae, and come in a wide array of colors from olive green to rusty red.

They are slow growing, small plants that grow without a stem and rarely get more than an inch above the soil’s surface. Living stones prefer extremely infrequent watering.

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